We’ve taken the feedback from our riders and modified our routes for 2022.

First, we realized that the 20-mile and 50k (31-mile) were similar in length and shortened our shortest route to 10 miles. We’ve come up with some nice scenery near Paramit for a leisurely ride with limited travel on major streets.

Next, we removed the steep grade on the 50k ride. That ride is typically for those with an interest in getting out for the day and not pushing quite as hard as the 100k and 100-mile riders.

Finally, we removed the Coyote Creek bike path from the 100-mile and added a trip up Redwood Retreat Road and back down. It’s a beautiful area and we think you’ll like it.

We’ve also moved the rest stops around a bit to space them out more evenly. We’ll publish more about that later.

Check out all the routes at https://ridewithgps.com/events/170017-i-care-classic-2022.

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