When we updated our routes, we also looked at the placement of the rest stops. The first stop was too close to the start of the ride so we moved it up onto Bridal Path. It’s about 13 miles out, which works well for 50K and 100K riders. The 100-mile riders will find a second rest stop at Gilroy Hot Springs and Canada Road, about 19 miles out and after some climbing.

The 100-mile rest stops are at mile markers 19, 38, 62 and 78. The 100K has its at 13, 23, 39 and 55 miles. The 50K, in addition to avoid the 11% grade on Bridal Path, will find its rest stops at 13, and 25 miles.

And you’ll all enjoy our BBQ lunch when you arrive back at Paramit at the end of the ride.

In addition to our homemade cookies, we’ll have other food and drink available at each of the stops. We’ll be posting our menus online as we get closer to the ride.

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